Renew release results of smartphone data capture

Renew release results of smartphone data capture

Renew have accumulated results on the initial beta testing of the recently installed Renew ORB technology – an inbuilt hardware device that captures smartphone data in real-time.

The results provided a concise breakdown (to the 50th of a second) of the movement, type, direction, and speed of unique devices that the Renew Network gather across Renew ORB test sites, and help identify peak footfall times from key hotspots in the City of London.

The 2nd week of testing began from Sunday, 2 June and ran for one week until 9 June.

The network figures accumulated over the week reached a total of 4,009,676 devices captured with over 530,000 uniques acquired.

This data was captured from approximately 10% of the Renew Network (8% at Monday and up to 12% by Friday).

Friday 7 June saw the highest activity with network figures reaching 946,016 devices captured, followed by Thursday 6, which gathered 750,836 MAC addresses. This was the very first time Renew had all 12 of the test Renew ORBs capturing data over a 24-hour period.

Renew ORB - Beta Testing - Week 2 (2)

The above graph represents the data captured from unique smartphone devices over the five-day testing period. Each hike in figures represents a day (Monday to Friday) while the fluctuation within each day represents a specific daypart (ie. morning, lunch, evening).

The Renew ORB gathered precise reads of the market share between prominent smartphone manufacturers. One brand in particular shared 67.3% of the total market, while all other brands combined shared the final 32.7% (for a detailed device breakdown, please see below).

There are significant commercial applications for this data, including highlighting leading handset manufacturers dominating the smartphone market along with abridged impressions of the Square Mile’s most popular commuter destinations.
Renew are also working on proposals for clients to combine the Renew ORB technology both within the Renew Pods on the street and their venues in the City of London.

This will allow us to map the total footfall percentage within a 3-4 min walking distance of the shop. Further, we can identify which streets are not being captured and use the screens on the Renew Pods to drive further traffic into the shops. We will see all MACs that currently shop at the stores and we will be able to measure any new MACs arriving into the venue and the route they take.

By combining the Renew ORB live data with the Renew Network we can measure and affect a range of retail metrics, which may be key for the specified shop outlet, including:
• Cross site customer percentages
• Journey to and Linger time in store
• Areas in store visited
• % new vs returning customers
• Average time between visits
• Renew advertisements seen before visiting store
• Numbers in store by hour, day, month
• All of these analytics can be presented at a single store or multi-store level

Renew ORB - Beta Testing - Week 2 (1)

The consolidated data of the beta testing highlights the significance of the Renew ORB technology as a powerful tool for corporate clients and retailers. It provides an unparalleled insight into the past behavior of unique devices – entry/exit points, dwell times, places of work, places of interest, and affinity to other devices – and should provide a compelling reach data base for predictive analytics (likely places to eat, drink, personal habits etc.).

Further continued testing at key locations, including Liverpool Street Station, Gresham, Bank and Cheapside, are in process and shortly the project will be expanded to Fenchurch and Cannon St.

For further information on the Renew ORB technology, please follow THIS LINK.

For a detailed itemisation of which manufacturers maintained a leading market share on a daily basis over the above dates, please be diverted to our CONTACT PAGE or email