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After gazing at luscious colour palettes all day yesterday (as you will have seen in my post Finding your palette) I found myself becoming rather inspired to embark on a new painting project in my own home.

I love painting in the house and transforming spaces, but it always feels a bit risky – you are never quite sure how itis going to look once it’s done. No matter how many colour cards you hold up against the wall, or experimental blobs of paint you plop all over the place, the only way to see how it’s actually going to look, is if you ACTUALLY paint the wall.

The risk isn’t just aesthetic – it’s also financial. I remember wandering around my local DIY store late at night in a desperate attempt to find a new colour for my kitchen, after I painted it pink. Not one of my brightest ideas. And my error ended up costing me a small fortune.

So when I discovered the Visualizer app from Dulux, I actually whooped. It’s AMAZING.

It allows you to virtually paint your walls in hundreds of shades so you can see the result instantly. So, you can make an actual informed decision about what paint you will buy – no more risky business!

You hold your phone up to the area you are thinking of painting, select your colour from the extensive range and then tap on the screen on the area where you want to paint.

The app is extremely clever – it allows you to pick a colour from anywhere and match it to the nearest Dulux colour. It can suggest colour schemes and it also allows you to save images, so you can keep a reference bank to mull over and look back on with your pals while you make your important painting decisions…

I’ve been thinking about changing the colour of just one wall in the living room – there is a ton of light and currently all the walls are white. I’ve sat on the sofa on many an evening trying to visualize how this will look, which colour I should pick, and even which wall should be the lucky one…

The Dulux Visualizer app has made this process so, so, SO much easier and I now have a much clearer idea of what Iim going to do and which wall I’m going to paint. You can download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play.

And now that youive seen my pictures, what do you think I should do?

I wonder if we think the same thing 😉

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//Written in collaboration with Dulux

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  1. YESSSS this looks super

  2. Suzy Turner

    OMG that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! (when it comes to house painting, that is!? Fabulous 😀
    Suzy x

  3. The Reader's Tales

    Wow, that app is extremely clever! I would pick old-blue-grayish….I don’t know if you call it like that, but it would match beautifully… I am impatient to see the final result ;-))

  4. AMAZING Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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