The Renew Network is composed of 200 digital street-side screens in the City of London, also known as ‘The Square Mile,’ reaching an AB professional audience as they commute from A to B. Renew is based on a network or information pods that double up as recycling units, broadcasting a live channel of breaking headline news and live feeds (play.renewchannel.com).

Each Renew pod broadcasts its information both visually through its screen and digitally to mobile devices through its Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth technology.

All campaigns will be processed by Renew’s delivery team and must be supplied in portrait format (9:16 Aspect ratio), and still images should have a resolution of 768×1366 at a minimum in either TIFF, JPEG or PNG format.


The screens are compatible with HD video, animation, and graphics. As the screens carry live content from the London Stock Exchange, TfL, weather conditions, etc. They can be used and programmed as an automated web page showing market data, travel updates, tweets, etc.

Creating Artwork

All artwork must be no larger than 5MB, and submitted to the portrait canvas size of: 768 x 1360 pixels at a minimum of 72 dpi (32” LCD’S).

Clients are able to submit artwork in the following way:

  • Digital Posters – JPEG
  • Digital Poster – Quick Time

Audio is not activated on the Renew Network

Artwork Deadline

Please submit all artwork to: tosh@renewsolution.com
Campaigns can be live within 2/3 hours if required, however we prefer 3 working days lead-time.